Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day-9.2 miles

I thought of Sarge and Sollie throughout my walk today.

I thank you for your service to our country...

... and I remember those who gave their lives.
I took the longer route through Sands Point today.
Do you remember this old friend?

I was happy to see her/him (what do I know about cows?!)
Here's the view from someone's backyard.

No my friends ... it's not the view from my backyard!
It was a beautiful day and a beautiful walk.


  1. honey it's a cow. bulls do not have udders. they have, well they have boy stuff. ya' know?

    sarge is out of icu and in telemetry now. good news indeed!

    smiles, bee

  2. but it has horns, ab ... do cows have horns?

  3. Cows are not horny, but in the horned (vs. the polled) breeds, both males and females have horns.Usually, they are removed shortly after birth.

    I love dat Yankee cow. Maybe you can take me by it on our training walk.