Saturday, May 15, 2010

Training walk--16 miles

Today I joined a few of the walkers from "our" training group in NYC.  I put up a picture of this sculpture some time ago.  It's called "Eyes" but we know it's boobies, eh Sarge?
We were on our way to the Brooklyn Bridge ...

... and here we are on the bridge!  I was so excited.  I believe we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge on the 2-day walk I did about 10 years ago.  Auntie Bee, you might remember that Bethanny and Ramona walked over this bridge to get to Alex! They were NOT on the bridge today ... but TONS of others were walking and riding and running from Manhattan to Brooklyn... and back.  I was as much of a tourist as anyone else!
It was a great day.
I walked 16 miles ... and I feel pretty darn good!
Tomorrow is a slightly shorter walk with Joan.


  1. My feet would have exploded...

  2. oh my gosh roberta!!!

    smiles, bee

  3. hooter alert, you can be prud of that pair.........